Cher’s Rocking Body at 71 is Serious Inspiration for All…

Talk about turning back time! From sheer bodysuits to barely-there dresses, we have come to expect nothing less than jaw-dropping fashion from Cher. And while it may seem as though we have seen it all from the 71-year-old music legend, she just blew our minds at her concert, rocking a revealing catsuit that looked nearly identical to the iconic fishnet design she wore in her 1989 “If I Could Turn Back Time” music video.cherThe singer has been performing her show “Classic Cher” in both Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. since February 2017, and if this clip from a recent performance is any indication, the Academy Award-winner hasn’t missed a beat.

We often look to Hollywood for #BodyGoals, but Cher is putting everyone to shame with her insanely fit physique. The bedazzled bodysuit looks like a near identical replica of the controversial Bob Mackie-designed number she wore for her 1989 video aboard the U.S.S. Missouri. While the catsuit and leather jacket ensemble is relatively tame by today’s shock-value standards, we are gobsmacked by how the septuagenarian has managed to defy gravity.

While accepting her Billboard Icon Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, she shared that she works her butt off to stay in shape. “I’m 71 … and I can do a five-minute plank, okay? Just saying,” she quipped. Over the years, Cher has been honest about having to exercise harder as she has gotten older, but she has clearly found a routine that works for her.28575767_10155639604664633_1932140555856484353_nIn her 1991 book Cher Forever Fit: The Lifetime Plan for Health, Fitness, and Beauty, the singer crushed us when she confirmed there is no magic bullet when it comes to staying in shape. And while there is no telling if her approach has changed over the years, she relied on a low-fat diet and hours in the gym at the time. “I’ve killed myself in the gym to have this body,” she wrote. “It isn’t like I have some amazing secret that nobody else has.”

Chances are we’re not strong enough to handle whatever she’s doing to challenge the laws of nature, but we love the fact that she continually proves age is but a number!

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Maple Leafs’ Andreas Johnsson: ‘Happy filled my whole body’, as Toronto records a 4-0 win vs Montreal. And a team record 12th straight home win…

TORONTO – Thank St. Patrick for Andreas Johnsson, who drove the all boring out of Air Canada Centre on Saturday night.

Funny how sports work sometimes. Who knew a garbage-time goal in a lopsided, meaningless game could mean so much?

As Toronto’s Zach Hyman drove the puck wide and began his curl behind the Montreal Canadiens net late in the third period, he spotted his brand-new linemate Johnsson cutting toward the blue paint and put the puck on his tape.andreas 1Johnsson — a seventh-round gamble skating in just his second-ever NHL game and first as part of the Maple Leafs’ top six — popped the puck over goalie Charlie Lindgren’s left shoulder, triggering a toothy, twinkly smile still plastered on the Swede’s face 20 minutes after the red light dimmed.

“Just happiness. Happy filled my whole body. Nothing went through my mind. I just screamed and jumped,” says Johnsson, high off emotion. The kid shakes his head at his failure to act like he’s been here before.

“Jumping,” he says. “We’re up 4-0 with five minutes left.”

You can see the NHL schedule makers salivating and giddily rubbing their palms together last summer as they dropped Montreal in Toronto on a St. Patrick’s Day Saturday night.

Century-old rivals, playoff implications, Auston Matthews versus Carey Price, a barn buzzing with hockey fans all rowdy and Irish off one too many green pints… oh, Danny Boy, it could’ve been a doozy.

Instead, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ prime-time 4-0 thumping of the woeful Montreal Canadiens served no purpose as far as wins and losses are concerned, just as the next 10 games will be for both these clubs.andreasOne is written in as the third seed in the Atlantic Division (go ahead, use permanent marker); the other is rubbing four-leaf clovers together, praying the lottery can offer a rainbow if not a pot o’ gold after the most unfortunate season Claude Julien says he has ever coached.

Is it April yet?

Injuries and irrelevance had conspired to suck some life out of the match, a necessary battle of the backups — Curtis McElhinney (a career-best third shutout of the season) and Charlie Lindgren (45 saves) both showed fantastically — that was practically devoid of venom.

It’s let’s-not-get-hurt-out-there-boys! time for the Leafs, who for the first game in two years skated down four regulars, including their best center and No. 1 goalie.

Montreal’s list of wounded is even longer. The Habs dressed eight players aged 23 or younger in this one.

The door was open for recent graduates of the Laval Rocket and Toronto Marlies to shine in this one.

No contest. The poor visitors were steamrolled in the second period where the shot attempts were a silly 51-15. And all four Toronto goals were scored by former Marlies: William Nylander, Kasperi Kapanen, Nazem Kadri, and Johnsson, the unlikeliest success story of the bunch.

That day in 2013 Toronto took a seventh-round flyer on the winger from Gavle, Sweden, Johnsson didn’t even bother staying up late to watch the draft and see if he’d be chosen. Amateur scouts weren’t exactly beating down his door. Why lose sleep being nervous and disappointed?

“I didn’t have high hopes,” he says.

Three full seasons with Frolunda in the Swedish league and two with the Marlies have raised the 23-year-old’s hopes as high as he can leap. Toronto’s farm system, he says, has prepared him wonderfully for this big-stage tryout, afforded to him through the Matthews and Leo Komarov injuries and Toronto’s security in the standings.

In Johnsson’s debut Wednesday, he was crunched hard into the boards by a kamikaze named Alexander Radulov, a purple eye socket and stitched-up brow serving as his welcome-to-the-NHL memento.

Yet Mike Babcock said publicly he expects Johnsson to be a full-time Leaf in 2018-19. Saturday, the coach said the rookie “had so many chances, it wasn’t even funny.”

Seven shots, nine attempts to lead all skaters, for those scoring at home.

“Good for him. He’s on the puck, he’s smart with it, he’s obviously not scared, he’s quick – his first couple of steps are quick – it’s good,” Babcock said. “You want to have as many players as you can.”

The familiarity of the Marlie’s fraternity has helped ease Johnsson’s transition. He and Nylander talk in Swedish on the bench. Unless Hyman is around, in which case they use English to be inclusive. And Babcock’s support has helped the player embrace a higher-paced game.

“It’s given me more confidence that he believes in me. He says it’s only up to me to show that I can play here next year,” Johnsson says. “Every day: Am I still going to be here? I gotta recover. It’s been a long week, but a really fun week.”

It must be the same for his family, watching Johnsson’s dreams come true from five time zones away. That puck worth jumping about, it might end up on Mom and Dad’s mantle.

“They’ve been staying up,” Johnsson says. “I hope they didn’t fall asleep before the goal.”

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Retired four-star Army general: Trump ‘serious threat to US national security’…

A retired four-star Army general said that he believes that President Trump is a “serious threat to US national security.”

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey tweeted Friday that he reached the conclusion about Trump because the president “is refusing to protect vital US interests from active Russian attacks.”Trump 1

“It is apparent that he is for some unknown reason under the sway of Mr. Putin,” he added.

McCaffrey has also worked as an adjunct professor at West Point and led the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy for five years during the Clinton administration.

Trump has come under fire for his response to Russian interference in the U.S. election. The president has repeatedly hit the probe into Russian election meddling as a “witch hunt.”

His administration unveiled new sanctions against Russian cyber groups involved in election meddling on Thursday, including individuals and groups charged with election interference by special counsel Robert Mueller.

However, Trump had been criticized for not implementing sanctions against Russia earlier, after Congress passed a bipartisan bill last year giving him the power to do so.TrumpU.S. Cyber Command chief and National Security Agency (NSA) Director Adm. Michael Rogers testified before the Senate last month that he hadn’t received instructions from Trump to take additional steps to deter Russian cyberattacks aimed at U.S. elections.

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Stormy Daniels’s attorney says other women have reached out about potential cases against Trump…

Stormy Daniels’ attorney said Wednesday that multiple women have contacted him about representing them in potential legal cases against President Trump.Stormy Daniels 2Michael Avenatti told BuzzFeed News that other women have talked to him about potential cases regarding the president, though he declined to discuss details, such as how many women have approached him and the nature of the cases.

He simply replied, “confirmed,” when asked by the news outlet whether any other women had reached out to him about potential cases.

Daniels, an adult-film actress whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, alleges that she was paid $130,000 by Trump’s personal lawyer in 2016 to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the real estate mogul that occurred more than a decade ago.

She is suing to void a nondisclosure agreement that she claims bars her from speaking publicly about the alleged affair.

Cohen has acknowledged that he paid Daniels $130,000 in the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election but has insisted that the money came from his personal account and was not tied to the Trump campaign.Stormy Daniels 1Trump has been accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct but has denied the allegations. Avenatti did not tell BuzzFeed whether any of the women who had reached out to him were among those to bring allegations against Trump in the past.

The White House has also denied that Trump ever carried on an affair with Daniels.

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The Man Katy Perry Kissed On ‘American Idol’ Says He Didn’t Like It…

Katy Perry kissed an “American Idol” contestant ― and he didn’t like it.

Benjamin Glaze spoke to The New York Times about what he described as the “uncomfortable” kiss ― which happened to be his first kiss ever ― broadcast Sunday on the season premiere of the recently rebooted show. Glaze didn’t consent to the kiss and said he would’ve refused it if Perry had asked permission.katy“I wanted to save it for my first relationship. I wanted it to be special,” Glaze, now 20, told the Times.

“Would I have done it if she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ No, I would have said no,” he said. He added that he didn’t feel sexually harassed by Perry in the audition, which was recorded earlier.

“I know a lot of guys would be like, ‘Heck yeah!’ But for me, I was raised in a conservative family and I was uncomfortable immediately,” Glaze said. “I wanted my first kiss to be special.”

The kiss occurred during an audition interview with Glaze in which he said he liked meeting girls at his job as a cashier in an electronics store.

“Have you kissed a girl and liked it?” “American Idol” judge and country singer Luke Bryan asked, referencing Perry’s famous song from 2008.

“No, I’ve never been in a relationship. I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship,” Glaze answered, as Perry’s eyes widened and she exclaimed, “Really?”

“Come here,” Perry beckoned repeatedly as the other judges ― Bryan and singer Lionel Richie ― egged them on. Bryan got out his phone to take pictures, while Glaze, expressing disbelief, walked over to Perry.

“What, on the cheek?” Glaze said, glancing back at the cameras before he kissed the singer on her cheek.

“You didn’t even make the ‘smush’ sound,” she said, directing Glaze to give her a second kiss on the cheek.

When he moved in to kiss her, Perry quickly turned his head and kissed him on the lips. Glaze, shocked and smiling, fell down.benjamin-glaze-katy-perry-kiss-american-idolThe judges cheered and high-fived.

“Did you get him?” Bryan asked Perry.

“Yeah I got him,” she answered, smiling.

“Katy! You didn’t,” Glaze shouted with a grin on his face when he returned to his place to start the audition. “Well, that’s a first.”

After the pre-taped segment aired on Sunday, Perry faced a backlash from many people, who argued the kiss was inappropriate, especially in the wake of the Me Too movement. As the Times pointed out, some people wondered what the reaction would’ve been if the genders of the contestant and judge had been reversed.

The “American Idol” Twitter account shared this after the episode aired:

“This journey has just begun, Benjamin. A kiss for good luck from @katyperry and you’re on your way,” the tweet said.

Glaze ended up getting not making the cut for the show, and Perry took some of the blame.katy“I think you were a bit rushed and I think that’s because I sped up your BPM of the heartbeat,” the singer said.

For his part, Glaze told the Times he’s still waiting for his first kiss because the one from Perry didn’t count.

“It was lip contact versus a romantic situation with someone you care about. That’s what a real first kiss is,” he said.

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New Amelia Earhart mystery 99% solved.

The 81-year-old mystery surrounding American aviator Amelia Earhart’s disappearance has baffled sleuths for decades, but a U.S. forensic expert has published new evidence in ‘Forensic Anthropology’ that bones discovered on Nikumaroro Island may be hers.amelia 1ORANGE, Calif. — Amelia Earhart went missing in 1937, and nearly 80 years after her mysterious disappearance, a car that once belonged to the aviation pioneer was reported stolen Friday. The car was found Monday night a street corner in the El Sereno neighborhood in Los Angeles, reports CBS Los Angeles.

It was towed by law enforcement so it could be returned to its original owner.ameliaThe car was found thanks to a CBS L.A. viewer tip. The viewer saw the story the station aired and called Los Angeles police to suggest they check out the car to see if it was the stolen one.

Jim Somers, the man from the city of Orange who now owns the car, said the green and black 1932 Hudson Essex Terraplane was being housed in a trailer in an industrial complex in Orange when it was stolen Friday

Somers told CBS L.A. the trailer had been secured with a safety lock.

Somers had taken the car from his shop to the industrial center in preparation for a car show Saturday.

The distinct vehicle is estimated to be worth between $250,000 and $500,000.

Only 14 of the models are known to still exist.

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Cute Hen Who Took In Baby Kittens As Her Own…

At one point or another, everyone has heard the term “mother hen.” It refers to someone who has a way of taking on a maternal role with everyone they meet. Of course, it’s inspired by the real-life animal, which often sits on top of their babies to keep them warm.Cute Hens Who Took In Other Animals As Their OwnIn the animal kingdom, nothing is stronger than the power of motherly love. Believe it or not, from stray kittens to puppies and geese, hens are always there to provide a nurturing relationship with someone, no matter their species. Just take a look at these 20 adorable hens who’ve adopted completely different animals, and you’ll see why “mother hen” is such a fitting role…

Not only were these kittens abandoned with no place to call home, but they were left that way on Mother’s Day, of all days. As expected, this incredible hen had no problem letting the tiny kittens take shelter by her side.

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