Blame Canada
Suzanne Somers says she didn’t mean to speak so candidly on Patrick Swayze’s death. The Canadian media just took advantage of her blondness.
Suzanne Somers hasn’t been watching enough of Shinan Govani on Listed. When she told the National Post‘s scene columnist that she thought Patrick Swayze would have been better served by alternative treatments than by chemotherapy, she claims she didn’t realize she was talking to a professional schmoozer.
"It was never my intention to make an official statement about his passing," she wrote on her blog. "I was not informed or aware I was being interviewed. I would never have been so insensitive as to offer a public statement so close to his untimely passing. I sincerely apologize if my comment has caused any additional pain to his family during this difficult time."

At the after-party for Tom Ford’s A Single Man at the Gardiner Museum during TIFF, Dr. Thighmaster got to gabbing about the passing of the Dirty Dancing star. "Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins?" she said at the time.

The comment infuriated Patrick’s Ghost co-star Whoopi Goldberg, who retaliated on The View. "In case she doesn’t know, Patrick did everything and went everywhere to try and stay healthy as long as he could," she said. "That he’s been gone a week and this statement came out is bad timing and bad taste and Suzanne, you know better."

Suzanne sure sounded like she was making a statement when she qualified her words with, "I hate to be this controversial. I’m a singer-dancer-comedienne." Not to mention that just because she didn’t realize we were all going to make a big deal about it doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe it.

Anyway, judging from the Dramarama comments from earlier in the week, it seems like most people aren’t about to take their cancer treatment advice from Chrissy Snow anyway. I don’t think anyone is really wrong in this situation. It’s just an overly sensitive time to talk about the late actor. Maybe Suzanne can have this conversation with the world another time, when we’re less devastated over losing an icon.


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