Just look at you

your perfect

without trying to

u steal the moment

what u do to me

if u only knew

just look at you

your beautiful face

I swear it’s true you get more beautiful everyday

everything u are

every little thing that u do

just look at you.

forgive me if i stair a little too long

no baby don’t think that there’s anything wrong.

it’s alright

it’s never been so right

just look at u.

I can’t believe my eye’s

I’m always so amazed at the way you make me feel

deep down inside.

I’m one lucky man

I know i am.

I’m so in love

your all there is

you know baby your all there ever was

I could to stay right here

I’m going to stay right here

so in-love my whole life through

everything is going to be alright

as long as i can

‘just look at you

                                                                                                                                  THANKS TO M.A. LANDRY

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