I hope you get it……

Whatever you say or think after saying “I am” will come looking for you!
So always be positive with your words, and your way of thinking! And if
the only prayer you ever say in your life is; thank you, that will be enough.
Because as long as you are still alive, you are ordained by ‘God’ to serve
a purpose. If you are still breathing, ‘God’ has a purpose for you, because
if you were done serving your purpose ‘God’ would have taken you out,
but as long as you are breathing, someone needs what you have. Your
gifts, your talents, your love, or maybe just your smile.

And do not look for approval from other people, because as good-
intended as we want to believe we are. People will disappoint. So be
thankful, and excited about your future, be excited about the people ‘God’
is going to bring into your life. Don’t waste your precious time comparing
yourselves to other people, simply realize, and accept that ‘God’ created
you exactly as he wanted you to be. So simply thank him, and live each
day as ‘God’ would want you to. Because you are one of ‘God’s’ perfect creation.

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One Response to I hope you get it……

  1. Tu-Ann says:

    I love-love-love this. Very smart !

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