The way I see it……………

Don’t worry about not finding people who will get you, accept you, love you… They will come into your life in the most beautiful and unexpected of ways. I’m speaking from experience. Be open to them. You will find them, and they will find you. They will be your eclectic tribe of friends, lovers, and family.

I am a spiritualist, I have denounced all religions, religion was a creation of man and not of God. To find God you must seek the spirit of that which is God. He is not written in any book, and the meaning of his word the way it was written 2000 years ago has been distorted and twisted by men that call themselves our spiritual leaders. They may have started their (careers) thinking they were ready to preach the word of God, but all they ever had was the teachings of man in a school or seminary. Either way, they were not taught from God. Seek ye the kingdom through the word and the word is God. How do you do that? Ask him to lead you and guide you in understanding the written word as he meant it to be written not as it has been distorted. Seek the spirit and find the peace that comes from his saving grace. For the time of his second coming draws nearer and nearer and no one knows that time but the Almighty. Are you ready to face his judgment? I am. I have found my Lord through the spirit and commune with him daily , I can’t make it through a day without his guidance. See Gods love all around you, stop and smell the roses that are Gods love, the softness of the petals, the scent of the rose, even the stem that gives it life are all Gods love. The thorns are the reminder that He gave his son Jesus Christ up to crucifixion in the mortal body to pay for our mortal sins from that day hence. And is a sacrifice that many have forgotten or never knew. Seek ye the spirit and may God have mercy on your wicked souls. For none are so pure of heart and soul as our Lord Almighty.


The way I see things is simple. All you have to do is to be able to change the negative thoughts you have in your head and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. And even if you don’t automatically feel beautiful – Then accept that you’re a valuable worthwhile person. Worthy of love, and that you have family and friends who love you. All you need is to make it to that point where you believe it. You’re worth it, you are worthy of life, equality, and you have people who love you. Because you do have people who love you, never forget that you are loved. Especially by God. Once you reach that level of acceptance try to make the world a little bit more like your dream, then work little by little every day to make that happen. 

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