One month after the country elected Trump as it’s 45th President…..

We all know that the only difference between been an idiot and an eccentric person is ‘money’ and I’m the first to admit that in the last 18 months we’ve listened to the worst eccentric rhetoric, bigotry, sexist, racist, remarks and common ‘white trash lies’ than at any other time in history. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept the status quo as anything but the words of a compulsive lying idiot (eccentric). I’m amazed at how everyone is supposed to suddenly accept the unacceptable and to make it worst it seems that the media has embraced this childish behavior as the new ‘Post-truth normal’. HELLO! IT’S NOT NORMAL, just because we’ve gotten used to listening to it daily, doesn’t make it normal. Have Americans lowered the barrier on acceptability that low we no longer see it as total B.S. that it is? Come on! We know better and it doesn’t matter how often we listen to nasty crap for the next four years, just don’t try to sell it now as ‘normal’ because that kind of hatred will never be ‘normal’.  I’ll admit Trump has ventured a little too far from the shores of sanity for my comfort also. But that’s just it. It’s not ‘normal’, it’s insanity but it’s our new reality – it’s not ‘normal’ and never will be and it doesn’t mean we have to believe anything he says as facts, or truths, reality or not.  I for one will miss the Obama family – they are as close to normal as it gets…..


But. It is a very important and scary time to be an American, and we need to bridge the gap between whatever has divided us this past election. We have a big problem in this country and somehow I wish we could find a way to turn it into something positive with what we are left with. Somehow I want to find something normal again, somewhere. We have to gather strength and galvanize, and figure out a way to talk to people who disagree with us and not spew hate at each other anymore, we need to love each other again, and unite somewhere in the middle, ‘somehow’!!!

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