The dog that broke a million heart…

Rescuers Found A Dog So Badly Abused And Scared That She Couldn’t Even Look At Them…

After watching the video, one social media user was “reduced to tears” and said Angel’s soul had been “broken”. Another user commented “That’s just devastating to look at” Another said, “My heart breaks, all I want to do is cuddle her”


After realizing how much interest Angel was receiving. PAWS decided to keep concerned social media users up to date via Facebook with images of Angel’s progress. Over the following days, the updates showed the Angel was slowly but surely coming out of her shell. After a few days, the arrival of another lurcher changed everything for Angel.

Compared to Angel, there were only a few signs of mistreatment in the male dog. According to a PAWS statement, “Often, it is common for mistreated lurcher females to have been treated worse than their male counterparts as males are seen as more valuable”. The pair were introduced, and that’s when something amazing happened…


When the pair met, they greeted each other incredibly warmly, which was interesting as Angel had been so reserved up until now. Both dogs were a similar color, a similar age and remarkably the male had also been found near to where Angel had been picked up. This raised alarm bells to the charity team, the center concluded that they were in fact brother and sister.

The charity worker revealed, “Angel immediately welcomed her brother, now called Cliff, and clung beside him, either staying cuddled up in her bed or only going where he would go,”. Angel began to acknowledge her brother’s trust in humans and started to open up.


After a few weeks, Angel began feeling comfortable with interaction and petting by humans, she had a long way to go but as she was getting used to her life, something else was happening at the shelter…

After the previous video release of Angel’s first moments at PAWS, the shelter’s video continued to gain more and more views online and the story was picked up by local and international media. As a result, more donations and gifts were flooding in for Angel, Cliff and other dogs at the shelter.

a-male-companion-2     a-together-again-44

A further positive reaction to the story was that more families began coming to the shelter with the honest intention of adopting the rescued dogs. Many lurchers were finally snapped up after a few months of waiting and continued life in a new and caring home. But Angel needed some more time to rehabilitate before she could go home with a new family.


Another video update was published by PAWS six months after Angels Rescue. This time Angel looked completely different from the withdrawn, terrified dog she was when she first arrived. She was seen lounging and barking happily on the sofa with her new best friend.

In fact, the video was actually of her with her friend ‘Jaego’ in her new forever home. It turned out that a couple named Michael and Theresa McGrath had wanted a friend for Jaego and had met Angel at the shelter. After a little shyness, Angel, now renamed Cara, was able to relax and have fun. Of course, Angel’s internet fans were thrilled at the news. You can see by her face, she is happy.

a-gifts-galore-6      a-change-9

“She looks so healthy & full of confidence! Hard to believe it’s the same dog. All thanks to Paws and her new owners,” one animal lover commented. “Beautiful to see. What wonderful people she must have ended up with,” another added.


Today, Cara is a healthy, happy and a confident canine. Recent updates show the dog relaxing in her new home, playing with balls and interacting with her new family. Hopefully, as her amazing story spreads, more and more people will be convinced of what incredible pets greyhounds and lurchers make.

a-change-10  a-long-way-to-go-5

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