Very inspirational (JWOLT)…

RIP John A. Woltering

Last week I lost my dad, the father of 9 children of which I’m the oldest. This loss left his family and friends in immense pain and with a lack of understanding. He committed suicide, and his father before him committed suicide- both of their initials were JAW. My initials are JAW the third and I have to live in order to burn off this karmic debt and false sense of shame. As a voice for mental health, I am here to make it known that this no longer needs to be the white elephant in the room. It is a real disease and sickness that has to be talked about if we’re going to make any real change in society. To break social norms we must forget what traditional religion and old school thought processes think of this kind of death. These ideas no longer serve us…


Over the past couple years I have lost so many friends to addiction and suicide, and now my father. This is not out of weakness – but extreme pain, and I know this for a fact. These people were hard workers, fighters, business professionals, and artists. They were somebody’s daughter, son, brother, mother, father, and grandfather. They are gone and are now part of an infinite consciousness that we will all join. Their hell was on earth and I swear on my own soul they are now at peace.

So have empathy for your fellow man that is suffering. Remember that one smile or one conversation can change someone’s day. We don’t always know what others are going through, and the pain they carry deep within. This is why I will be working as an advocate with AFSP to help increase awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

The next issue I want to tackle is the addiction, specifically opiate addiction. These drugs are far too available and “accidental overdoses” are killing one American every 19 seconds! These drugs are overprescribed and need to be regulated if we are going to save the lives of our children and loved ones. Addiction like suicide is ashamed and looked down upon in society when in reality it affects almost every family. These are real issues that need real solutions. So stop turning a blind eye to what’s killing so many loved ones and leaving their families in so much pain. Heal the earth with the love that guides us all! Peace!


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