Career pimp pleads for one more chance.

The Truth You Need To Know About Pimps and Prostitution
Submitted by Frank Dorsey located on Male Inmates 5

Rehabilitation means being honest and truthful. So now that you may have smiled and laughed at my profile, its time for me to get serious. I have made some serious mistakes in my life and I now recognize that which is a start to rehabilitating but the most important thing is wanting to change and doing it yourself. No one has rehabilitated me. I’ve done it myself through changing my thought process.

For a lot of men on this website, change is an important goal but it comes with a lot of pressure. Men who are incarcerated have made a lot of bad choices that brought us here. I can’t speak for all inmates but I will speak for myself. I believe if a man wants to truly change, he has to not shift the blame or minimize or excuse it but instead own it and accept it fully. It was really hard for me to change because I simply had no values, no morals, not much of a care in the world.


Two things can happen: you either accept change or you try to beat the system. In reality, the system is smarter than all criminals. This is why the recidivism rate is so high. I ‘m in my mid-50’s and I have been a recidivist for 25 years. I have currently been incarcerated for almost 17 years straight. I have had almost 17 years to think to myself, “Why was I a pimp?” “How did I become a pimp?” I was a product of my environment. I grew up in this lifestyle and was taught this at a very young age. Now I can see that this was no excuse to continue the cycle I was raised in. There are no excuses. I was a predator that preyed on vulnerable women. I was a sorry excuse for a man and an even sorrier excuse for a father. I ruined many lives.

I was born in Toronto and grew up in the Regent Park area. By the age of 10, I was forced to live with pimps and prostitutes where I was abused physically, mentally and sexually. I was “groomed” into becoming a pimp and by the age of 14, I became a pimp. I do not shift blame. I made these choices to continue to be a pimp in my later teen years and adulthood. I had served over 10 years in prison before I felt the need and the want to change.

I now believe it is my calling to send messages and educate any families and victims that are trapped in this lifestyle and need to know how to get away. I want my words to provide reassurance and comfort to those who thankfully found the courage to leave this lifestyle.

First, I want to say to all of my victims that I have caused physical, mental or psychological harm to.. I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did to you and for what I put you through. I want to put your mind to rest and reassure you that you never have to look over your shoulder because I will never be there. You are safe and do not need to fear me. This I swear on my children’s lives.


Next, to the victims that are trapped in this evil world of prostitution, pimps, and predators. Let me give you some valuable information. This lifestyle causes serious mental and psychological damage and issues from being used by pimps, perverts, drug dealers and customers. If you are in a situation right now or caught up in the game, you need to get out of it and run away right now. Pimps are professional liars and manipulators and they lower your self-esteem, set fear into you and make you believe that if you leave they will find you or go after your family. This is not true. They can not find you and will not care to find you because they will be busy looking for their next victim. You are just a pawn that they can replace because the only thing that changes in the game is the young faces. The only chance they have in finding you is if you stay in this lifestyle. The way to get them out of your life forever is to just leave. Go to a safe spot, go to the police or reach out to the many organizations out there who are there to help you.

This lifestyle claims lives and makes females of all ages victims. This is not a glamorous life except to the pimps and predators that are involved. There is only predators and prey in this game. Get out right away before you become a drug addict, a victim of sexual assault or worse.. dead.

I know a lot of females are trapped in this evil world and it seems like you have no help. You might have kids?
Let me say this to you. You are brainwashed to believe there isn’t any help and that there isn’t any way to escape but that is not true. I had 3 kids with a woman who I trapped in this lifestyle for 9 years. She got up and left in 1985 and to this day I don’t know where her or my kids are. I can now say I am so proud of her for leaving me and putting me in jail and for giving our children a good chance at life. They could never have had a good life with me. The children are victims as well. Material things can be replaced. You or your children’s lives can not be replaced. If you can’t love yourself at this moment due to men making you feel worthless, then love your children and get them out.

To all of the pimps who think I am a sellout, I say this to you. I sold out my life. I lost my life to the game. I supposedly learned respect on the street but it became lost on a lonely highway. The game is the biggest addiction in life and I could not beat it. So let ‘s not get it twisted. the system is smarter than you. If you continue to victimize women, you will end up beside me. You can’t go to a solid institution because pimping is a bad beef and you’ll be the one needing protection.

You may be questioning who am I to be saying all of this? I don’t owe these pimps anything. I lost my life to the game. I’ve been alone for a very long time and have had a lot of time to think. The only way to rehabilitate a pimp is plenty of incarceration and having time to recognize and understand the harm he has inflicted. The whole prison system hates pimps. It’s considered a bad charge and even the inmates hate pimps. The hardest judges are inmates because they judge pimps and will not accept them. I have always been known as “good guy, bad beef”. From the judges, crown attorneys, jurors, police officers, prison guards to everyday people..a pimp will never be accepted. I had a prison guard say to me, “You are worse than a rapist or a child molester.” I asked, “How is that possible?” She said, “They are aren’t.” That was when I looked at myself, my attitude and beliefs and wanted to change.

My name is Frank Dorsey and I am a dangerous offender. I used to be one of Canada’s most notorious pimps. I have nothing to gain for myself by writing this article. I will probably never be released from prison. There are only a few people who truly know me and they know I have changed by confronting my demons, addictions and my past. I have spent many years counseling other inmates in prison on domestic abuse. I have also spent many years writing back and forth with female inmates who were involved in this lifestyle with hopes of helping them. I have asked God for forgiveness and I have repented. I don’t know if that will save me from going to hell but before I die I hope my words can help women or even just one victim escape from this dirty and dangerous game.

I, Frank Dorsey, denounce being supportive or being a part of the life of pimps.

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