Pictures that prove Donald Trump is lying about how many people attended his inauguration…

U.S. President Donald Trump has attacked the media for accurately reporting on the size of the crowd which attended his inauguration in Washington DC on Friday.

In a speech at the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. Trump claimed that news outlets had downplayed how many people had gathered on the National Mall to see him sworn in as president.

“I made a speech. I looked out. The field was – it looked like a million, a million and a half people,” he said on Saturday.

The president went on to say that the 250,000 strong attendance reported by one network was a “lie.”

c2phht3xaaaoepzTwo pictures that prove Donald Trump is lying about how many people attended his inauguration. On the left Obama’s inauguration / on the right Trumps’ inauguration.

The “rest of the, you know, 20-block area, all the way back to the Washington Monument was packed,” he said, adding that the media had been caught out for lying for which they would “pay a big price.”

However, all photographs and video from the event show that the crowd did not extend as far as the Washington Monument, and there were, in fact, large areas reserved for attendees which remained empty throughout the day.

Photos from the Women’s March in New York, City on Saturday – and comparisons with former US President Barack Obama’s inaugurations in 2009 and 2013 – show far morewomans-march-nycWomen’s March N.Y.C. hundreds of march were held simultaneously across the world.

 He may have become the leader of the free world but moving to the White House does not seem to have helped Donald Trump’s spelling.

Shortly after his inauguration, the US President tweeted saying he was “honered” to have been sworn in as the 45th US leader.

While the British and US spellings of the word “honered” are different, neither are spelled in the way used by Mr. Trump.

The former property tycoon wrote: “I am honered to serve you, the great American People, as your 45th President of the United States!”Another accused the Republican of being “the most illiterate president ever”.

The tweet was quickly deleted and re-posted with the correct spelling, but not before a number of people had replied querying the President’s spelling.“Good grief. Four more years of this”, wrote one.


Another accused the Republican of being “the most illiterate president ever”.

Steve Marmel ✔ @Marmel (Tweeted)
The only thing that will save us from nuclear destruction is that Trump will spell the launch codes wrong.
10:18 PM – 21 Jan 2017
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Vanessa Williams’ mother took to the streets in the woman’s march, L.A.

Solidarity sisters! Why Canadians are joining the Women’s March on Washington

‘We want to make sure our neighbours know they are not alone,’ says Canadian in a march held in Toronto… Other marches were held around the world.women-s-march-on-washington-toronto

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