Miss Universe Canada slams body shamers on Instagram…

Miss Universe Canada has taken the fight to body shamers where they live: on social media.

Siera Bearchell spoke out about “self-worth and self-love” after receiving a number of negative comments online about her weight.

“We always focus on the things we wish we could change rather than loving everything we are,” she said.

The 23-year-old Saskatchewan law student is in the Philippines competing for the title of Miss Universe 2016.w7l7n

“While I am first to say I am not as lean as I was when I was 16, 20, or even last year, I am more confident, capable, wise, humble and passionate than ever before,” she wrote on Instagram.

“As soon as I started to love who I was rather than always trying to fit what I thought society wanted me to be, I gained a whole new side of life.”

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Ms. Bearchell told the BBC she was inspired to speak openly about the online harassment because she wants other women to know that it’s okay to be comfortable with their body.

“I decided to stick true to myself,” she said.toronto-june-12-2016-winner-siera-bearchell-426905

Facebook Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell Miss Universe Canada is competing for the title of Miss Universe 2016 in the Philippines. 1

It was a hard-earned confidence, she said. Last year while preparing for a different pageant, she said she subsisted on chicken and asparagus to try to stay slim.

“I caved to the pressures of wanting to do well, I was eating very little and working out a lot and absolutely miserable,” she said.

“I was not happy getting the results I was getting because I was constantly being told there was more I could do, I was never good enough.”

Since then, she’s eased up on the dieting, although she says she still eats healthily and works out.

While she may no longer be stick-thin, she says she’s never felt better about her body.miss-universe-canada-slams-body-shamers-on-instagram-2

“I’m certainly way more confident now because I’m being more myself,” she said.

While the majority of the criticism comes from online haters, she says there is pressure from beauty pageant organizers in general to look a certain way.

While preparing for a different pageant, the show’s director asked her to take scale-selfies to prove that she was losing weight.

After she won the title of Miss Universe Canada, she was told that she’d have to give up junk food and get in “the best shape of her life” in order to compete on the world stage.

“Being healthy, eating healthy, it doesn’t mean you’re going to look a certain way,” she said.

Beauty pageants have long been criticized for reducing women’s value to their waist size.

But that attitude is starting to change, Ms. Bearchell said.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham is hosting this year’s Miss Universe pageant, and a sign the contest is trying to change its own image.
Siera Bearchell is a law student, entrepreneur, runner, golfer, an avid photographer, and proud Saskatchewan resident. Currently enrolled in her second year of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, Siera plans to use her law degree for business endeavors and to help the most vulnerable communities throughout the globe.

supraMiss Supranational Canada 2015 / 1st Runner-up at Miss Supranational 2015

Siera is the Co-owner and Co-founder of Watered Down Apparel. Watered Down Apparel provides 30 days of clean water for every item sold and helps provide clean water projects in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and Haiti with their partner organization, Water Is Life. Siera believes access to clean water is a right and aims to address the global water crisis in a meaningful and impactful way.

With a passion for community involvement and helping others, Siera has worked with charities and organizations such as Free The Children, the Canadian Red Cross, and SOS Children’s Villages. For her community work, Siera has been the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award, the Deloitte Inspiration Award, and the Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award.

                        34e7c1c7bb2e85fa80d6a549a89f52fe     miss_siera-1                        Miss Supranational 2015/1st runner-up – Miss Teen Canada World 2009/2nd Runner-up

Having experience on the international pageant stage, Siera recently placed as 1st Runner Up at the Miss Supranational pageant while representing Canada. Siera also placed as 2nd Runner-Up at Miss Teen World in 2009. Siera aims to make Canada proud once again by fulfilling her dream of representing Canada on the Miss Universe stage.

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