Beauty queen Vanessa Dominguez’s furious reaction at being knocked out of Miss Colombia competition sparks stream of hilarious memes…

A BEAUTY queen’s furious reaction at being knocked out of the Miss Colombia competition has gone viral, sparking a hilarious stream of online memes.
Stunning Vanessa Dominguez barely contained her rage as rival Laura Gonzalez Ospina was declared the semi-final winner, booking her place in the final.

In the clip, the camera focuses on Vanessa’s face as the judges make the announcement.C7axahxXUAAKZLL
When it’s Laura’s name that is read out, Vanessa closes her eyes and looks down, visibly disappointed.

But rather than graciously congratulate her fellow competitor, her face sets into a hilarious mask of barely repressed fury.
After several seconds of petulant pouting, she eventually manages to compose herself to give the victor a lukewarm hug.nintchdbpict000311222008Internet users found Vanessa’s anger hilarious and social media became flooded with amusing memes recalling the awkward moment.
One simply featured her face with “I hate you all” emblazoned on the picture.
Her livid look was also compared to Lisa Simpson in a bad mood, a reproachful looking dog with the caption: “The face of the Miss Bogotá”, and a scowling old lady.

Another tweet by user DiegoMelons said: “Miss Bogota, in class you cannot eat chewing gum!”  Laura went on to be crowned Miss Colombia 2017.C7cwFp8XgAAOtCmShe will now go forward and represent her country in the Miss Universe 2017 contest.
It’s not the first time a beauty queen contest in Colombia has been plagued by controversy.
In July 2016 a winner had her glittering crown snatched off her head by a jealous runner-up at the country’s Miss Bambuco International pageant.
Valentina Bonilla, a 20-year-old law student, was basking in her victory and smiling sweetly for the cameras when sore loser Yeimy Lizeth Silvestre leaned across and stole the tiara.memes-bambuco-914x607Last year Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, 21, was humiliated after she was announced as the Miss Universe winner at a ceremony in Las Vegas, only for the crown to be taken from her and given to the real champion, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.A mistaken crowning
The Miss Colombia contest previously hit the headlines in May 2001 when chat show host David Letterman joked that then title holder Andrea Noceti’s “special talent” was being able to swallow 50 balloons full of heroin.64th+Annual+Miss+Universe+Pageant+mOU682jANhBlNoceti responded furiously, saying that Letterman had not only insulted her but her entire country and made a mockery of the violence it was suffering.
Letterman invited Noceti onto his TV show, the Late Show with David Letterman, in an effort to defuse the tension his joke had caused.

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