Miss Universe 2005…

Canada, France, and Germany are the only countries who has competed in every Miss Universe Pageant since the beginning in 1952.  Sweden did not compete for the first time ever this year (2005) and the USA was disqualified in 1957

And now let’s get on with the show.  Held for the second time in Bangkok, Thailand. The format was pretty much similar to the previous two pageants but they featured more ethnic details, like the Thai dances, the Thai children greeting the reigning Miss Universe, etc.

The contestants were first cut down to the top 15 – who competed in swimsuit and then 5 girls were cut and the top 10 who then competed in swimsuits and finally the final cut was selecting the Top 5.

First came the announcement of the Top 15 – which included Miss Mexico, Miss Latvia, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Canada, Miss South Africa, Miss Venezuela, Miss Norway, Miss Switzerland, Miss U.S.A., Miss Indonesia, Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Israel, Miss Peru, Miss Greece, and finally Miss Puerto Rico.Top 15 - 2005

~ The top 15 were then cut to the ~

Top 10 after evening gown competition…

1. Miss Puerto Rico  

2. Miss Canada

3. Miss Peru  

4. Miss Switzerland

5. Miss Latvia

6. Miss Dominican Republic

7. Miss USA

8. Miss Mexico

9. Miss Venezuela

10. Miss Israel

top 10 - 2005

top 10 - 2005 1

After swimsuit, the Top 10 were cut once again to

The Final 5-(Mexico – Puerto Rico – Dominican Rep – Canada – Venezuela)

                1.      Mexico                                      2.     Puerto Rico

2005 - Mexico 111111          3.   Dominican Republic                                  4.    Canada2005 - Dominican Rep. 1                                                     5.    Venezuela2005 - Venezuela 11                                                         ~   Top 5   ~

                                 4th Runner-up ~ Miss Venezuela

                                 3rd Runner-up ~ Miss Mexico

                                2nd Runner-up ~ Miss Dominican Republic Miss Universe 2005 - top 5                                 1st Runner-up ~ Miss Puerto Ricouni05react22222             Miss Universe ~ 2005 ~ MISS CANADA!!!

Canada won it’s first Miss Universe in 1982 ~ the pageants the 30th anniversary, and we had to wait another 23 years to get our second Miss Universe – Natalie Glabova. Great job Natalie…Miss Universe 2005Glitter (1)



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