101-Year-Old Becomes World Record Holder in 100-Meter Dash: ‘I Missed my Nap for This’…

A 101-year-old just became the oldest woman ever to compete in the USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championships on Saturday.BBEzCMsJulia “Hurricane” Hawkins ran the 100-meter dash at the Louisiana event in 40.12 seconds, beating the current certified world record for women aged 100 and older by six seconds, reports said.

I missed my nap for this,” Hawkins said at the Saturday event, which took place at Louisiana State University.

Hawkins, who started running at the age of 100, reportedly practices her sprints several times a week, the Washington Post reported.

She has been an avid bicyclist for many years and is now using her strong legs for running.bbb5953eeaab7e6b.image“I’m always outside and the phone always rings, and I come running in is how I knew I could run,” Hawkins told the paper.

Hawkins, who was born in Wisconsin in 1916, said she also likes to impress her family with her running skills.

She has four children, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

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