A dispute over cat leads to baseball bat attack on bus driver…

A dispute Wednesday night between a Sherbrooke bus driver and a passenger over an uncaged cat has ended with the driver in hospital and the commuter with a court date Thursday to face an assault charge, in Montreal.

Sherbrooke police said the incident occurred at about 9:15 p.m. after a passenger boarded a city bus carrying several pieces of baggage, including a cage containing a cat.princessOnce the bus arrived at the Université de Sherbrooke terminal, the driver noticed the passenger had released the cat from its cage and was holding it. Police say a verbal dispute ensued after the passenger the driver’s repeated requests to keep the cat in its cage so long as it was on the bus.

According to police, the passenger finally rooted through the baggage he had brought onto the bus, produced a baseball bat and allegedly used it to strike driver at least once on the head.Dispute over cat leads to baseball bat attack on bus driverThe suspect then fled the bus but was arrested soon afterward by police acting on information from the Sherbrooke transit authority.

The driver’s injuries, while serious, are not deemed to be life threatening. The suspect is expected to face a charge of armed assault causing injury.

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