Celebrities who died too young. Part 1…

The celebrities in this list were tragically taken from us way too young. We all miss them, but at least we can look back at their work with fondness.  

1.  Sawyer Sweeten died aged 19.Sawyer Sweetensawyer-sweeten-dead1

 2.  River Phoenix died aged 23.River-Phoenix River PhoenixRiver-Phoenix-9River-Phoenix 2River-Phoenix-1

3.  Rob Knox died aged 18Robert Knox 7Robert Knox 6Robert Knox 10Robert Knox 5

 4.  Brad Renfro died aged 25.Brad Renfro 1MSDHACA EC007Brad Renfro 1 `Brad Renfro 7Brad Renfro 3

 5.  Lee Thompson Young died aged 29.YOUNGLee Thompson YoungLee Thompson Young 2 `Lee Thompson Young 10Lee Thompson Young 7

6.  Jonathan Brandis died aged 27.Jonathan Brandis 1 `Jonathan Brandis 1Jonathan BrandisJonathan Brandis 7Jonathan Brandis

 7.  Heather O’Rourke died aged 12. Heather O_Rourke 3 Heather O_Rourke 2 ` Heather O_Rourke 6 Heather O_Rourke 7

8.  Corey Haim died aged 38.Corey Haim 13Corey Haim 2Corey Haim 18Corey Haim 12Corey Haim 10

9. Dana Plato died aged 34.Dana Plato `Dana Plato 6 `Dana Plato 9Dana Plato 2

10. Josh Ryan Evans died aged 20.Josh Ryan Evans 1 `27th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

11. Bridgette Andersen died aged 21.Bridgette Andersen `Bridgette Andersen 1 `Bridgette Andersen 7Bridgette Andersen 2

12. Christopher Pettiet died aged 24Christopher Pettiet 3 `Christopher Pettiet 4 `Christopher PettietChristopher Pettiet 5

13. Michael Cuccione died aged 16.michael_cuccione `michael_cuccione 1 `michael_cuccione

14. Michelle Thomas died aged 30.Michelle Thomas 1 `Michelle Thomas 4 `Michelle Thomas 10Michelle Thomas 2

15. Brittany Murphy died aged 32.Brittany Murphy 2 `Brittany Murphy 1 `Brittany Murphy 2Brittany Murphy 9

16. Paul Walker died aged 40.            Paul Walker 4 `Paul Walker Paul Walker 6 `File photos of Paul Walker Paul Walker 3

17. Heath Ledger died aged 28.HeathLedger 1 `Heath Ledger 1Heath-heath 2Heath-heath 1HeathLedger 3

 18. Corey Monteith died at 31Corey Monteith 31 `Corey Monteith 7 `Corey Monteith 29 `Corey Monteith 19Corey Monteith 33

19. Kurt Cobain died at 27.Kurt Cobain `Kurt Cobain 4Kurt Cobain 3 `Kurt Cobain 3Kurt Cobain 5


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