Craig Olejnik

Born June 1, 1979 (40) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a Canadian actor. Olejnik graduated from West Kings District High School in Auburn, Nova Scotia. His father was in the military. His grandparents immigrated to Canada from Poland. Olejnik is known for his lead role in the television series The Listener as Toby Logan, a paramedic with the power to read minds by hearing others’ thoughts and seeing events that have happened to them from their point of view.

His previous work includes RunawayThir13en GhostsMargaret’s Museum, and Wolf Lake. He is also the director, writer, and producer of the film Interview with a Zombie. Olejnik is a huge supporter of the ‘Sick Kids’ pediatric foundation and took part in PSA’s for the hospital, as well as being a supporter of ‘Stand Up For Cancer’. (2015)

He is an avid hockey player and nature enthusiast. He resides in Los Angeles as of 2016.craig_olejnik 6Craig Olejnik 9 ` -craig_olejnik 3Craig_OlejnikCraig Olejnik 14 `Craig Olejnik 15 `Craig Olejnik 7 ` -Craig Olejnik 17Craig Olejnik 20The ListenerCraig Olejnik 10



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1 Response to Craig Olejnik

  1. roijoyeux says:

    quite handsome !! thank you for the info, I did not know him … of course I am wondering : do you know if he is gay ??

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