What does your favorite color say about your personality?

(m=e-yaaGqaa)original_77062581We all have colors we gravitate towards—and they are often reflected in our clothing and home décor choices. Which hue is your usual go-to? The answer might reveal some of your personality traits!

1. BLACK002

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McCain rips Trump’s Vietnam visit: ‘No mention of human rights — Sad’…


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Saturday said it was “sad” that President Trump did not address human rights during his visit to Vietnam.
“.@POTUS in #Danang & no mention of human rights — Sad,” McCain wrote on Twitter.

McCain, who was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, has been publicly feuding with Trump for months.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that House lawmakers urged Trump in a letter earlier this week to discuss “Vietnam’s dismal human rights record” with the country’s leader during the trip.

Trump, during a gaggle of reporters on Thursday, said while he does feel the need to discuss the human rights issue in Vietnam, he also talked about “issues on many other things.”

“Well, I do. But I also raise issues on many other things. I mean, I have an obligation — we lost, last year, with China, depending on the way you do your numbers because you can do them a number of ways — anywhere from $350 (billion) to $504 billion. That’s from one country. I’m going to fix that,” Trump said when directly asked if he felt the need to talk about human rights abuses in Vietnam.

“And I’ve got to fix what we have with Mexico, who was there today too, who I also have a very good relationship with,” the president added.

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Attorney: O.J. Simpson banned from Las Vegas hotel-casino…


LAS VEGAS — O.J. Simpson’s attorney says the former football star has been banned from The Cosmopolitan hotel-casino in Las Vegas.

Attorney Malcolm LaVergne on Thursday told The Associated Press that Simpson received a trespass notice from the hotel Wednesday. He denied that Simpson was intoxicated or belligerent while at the Las Vegas Strip property.

LaVergne says Simpson was not given a reason for the ban. He says Simpson contacted his parole officer Thursday and underwent drug and alcohol tests, which were negative.

The hotel in a statement says it does not comment on it guests.

Simpson was paroled from a Nevada prison last month after serving nine years for armed robbery and assault with a weapon in an ill-fated bid to retrieve memorabilia.

He is living in a Las Vegas gated community.

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Mom puts drunk stranger to bed, mistaking him for her son…

Mom puts drunk stranger to bed, mistaking him for her sonUK mom Juliet Jarvis had quite the Halloween surprise last weekend.

Around 4:30 am on Sunday, she was woken by the sound of what she believed was her son Stewart Kinsey drunkenly returning home from a costume party.

She found the inebriated man, whose face was painted to look like a skull, lying on her dressing room floor under a duvet cover. 

Jarvis slipped a pillow under his head and adjusted the bedding to make him more comfortable, like any caring parent would, before returning to bed.

Hours later, Jarvis’ husband delivered some unexpected news, telling the 49-year-old, “There’s a naked bloke upstairs, and it’s not Stewart.”Mom puts drunk stranger to bed, mistaking him for her son 1The man with the painted face was, in fact, Marc Campfield.

The 29-year-old had been kicked out of a club in nearby Surrey after falling asleep, and somehow made his way to Jarvis’ home — quite a feat, considering it was “in the middle of nowhere” and more than 3.5 miles away from his house.

Sharing the hilarious encounter on Facebook, Jarvis admits there were a couple of signs the man she was lovingly tucking in wasn’t, in fact, her 30-year-old son.

“When I gave him a pillow he said ‘thank you’ and I thought, ‘Hmmm, Stewart sounds very polite,” she wrote.

She was also surprised that her son’s car wasn’t outside and that he had decided to drop in for a quick nap at such an odd hour.

“But he looked like my son enough to pass a cursory. (Stew changes his hair and [facial hair] a lot),” she continued. “I thought his hand looked mucky but figured it could be that his car broke, and just thought, ‘Ah well, Stewart does funny stuff, he can explain what he is up to in the morning’.”Mom puts drunk stranger to bed, mistaking him for her son 2Thankfully she and her husband saw the humor and laughed about the incident with their “nice new son” the following morning, before lending him one of Stewart’s T-shirts and dropping him off at his home.

“[He was] obviously housetrained by someone, he knew not to walk mud through, his shoes were in the conservatory [an enclosed porch],” she added on Facebook.

Campfield admitted had no idea how he ended up in a stranger’s house and tried to pretend he was a friend of Stewart’s when he was discovered.

Alas, it didn’t work.

“The lady took a picture of me to send to him — I knew then I had been rumbled,” he tells The Sun.

As for Stewart, he’s not overly happy with his mother.

“I’m going to have some serious words with my mother — she still can’t recognize me after all these years,” he joked to The Sun.

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Distraught women tells court how illegal fake Botox left them disfigured, looking ‘like a hamster’…

A jury was shown the before-and-after photos of three woman who claim bogus Botox injections left them disfigured and “looking 50 years older.” Marcelle King, of Poole, England, is one of the alleged victims who filed claims against Ozan Melin, who prosecutors allege has no medical background and was using a counterfeit solution for injections, The Daily Echo reported.

King, 62, reportedly texted Melin’s then-wife, Lisa Bolster, to complain about the procedure. She was told to use a wet cloth, but wound up in the hospital suffering from anaphylactic shock the next day, The Mirror Online reported.

A second woman, Jozette Sheppard, testified that a botched procedure led by Melin failed the first time, and a second attempt left her unable to “eat, speak or smile,” the news outlet reported.Distraught women tell court how illegal fake Botox left them disfigured, looking 'like a hamster'“During the evening it was like my head was on fire, really burning,” Sheppard, 46, said, according to The Daily Echo. “It started swelling by my eyebrows and I had to lie down because I couldn’t open my eyes. When I woke up and couldn’t open my eyes and I screamed.”

Sheppard said she had trouble moving her face for up to four months, and that Bolster had assured her through a series of text messages that the effects would calm down.

“It sucks, it always goes down though,” Bolster allegedly texted to Sheppard.

A third complaint was filed by Carol Kingscott, who claimed the procedure left her looking “like a hamster,” and like she “had been punched.”

“One eyelid dropped completely and it was so sore I could barely open them,” Kingscott, 57, told the court.

Melin has denied the charges against him, while Bolster pleaded not guilty to three counts of fraud and one of unauthorized use of a trademark in relation to a counterfeit substance marked “Botox” found in her freezer.

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Mom Allegedly Kills Her Two Daughters and Tells Husband: ‘Babe I Just Shot the Kids’…

A Texas woman was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly shooting her two daughters while they slept.Sarah-Nicole-HendersonSarah Nicole Henderson, 29, allegedly shot her little ones Kaylee Danielle, 7, and Kenlie, 5.

Henderson’s husband and step-father to the girls, Jacob Henderson, called the police to their home near Mabank, Texas, for the second time that evening, according to the Associated Press.

Jacob made a prior call to 911 on Wednesday at about 11:30 p.m. to report that his wife was possibly suicidal, CBS News reported.

“My wife she’s like, I don’t know,” Jacob told a dispatcher in the first call. “She won’t listen to me. She won’t talk to me.”

When deputies responded, the couple reported no problems. Three hours later, Jacob called again, this time frantically telling police that his wife had shot her two daughters, according to CBS News.'I just shot the kids babe'The AP reported Jacob could be heard sobbing in the call, saying, “She was asleep when I went to sleep last night. I woke up and she came in there [and] said, ‘Babe, I just shot the kids.’ And I didn’t want to believe it. I went in there and they were dead.”

He said the girls were both sleeping the living room, and that they had been shot in the head. According to the AP, Sarah could be heard in the background asking her husband to kill her or shoot her, at one point yelling, “God what did I do?”

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse told ABC News that the mother had confessed to the killings and said she’d been planning to kill her daughters and her husband for several weeks. Hillhouse said she had told investigators she had planned to kill herself, too, according to the outlet.Sarah Nicole Henderson 1“She did try to shoot her husband,” Hillhouse said. “The gun malfunctioned. He took the pistol then realized the daughters had been shot. We don’t have a motive at all. We’re still digging, trying to figure out what was going on at that house at the time.”

A GoFundMe page has been organized for the girls’ memorial.

WFAA reported Sarah had been investigated by Child Protective Services in 2010, but that the information was confidential. Neighbors of the family told WFAA they were in shock over the deaths.

“I just asked God to cuddle them and love them, and put his hands around them up there,” Jackie Nelms, a neighbor, said.

Jaylyne Palmer, who also lived next to the family, told the outlet, “Those little girls were so adorable. They would draw pictures for us and put them in the mailbox for us.”

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Rosie O’Donnell Reveals Why Trump Hates Her with a Passion…

“Do you see I’m a little edgy?” Rosie O’Donnell asked Seth Meyers midway through her interview on Late Night Thursday to promote her role in the new Showtime series SMILF. “I spend like pretty much ninety percent of my waking hours tweeting hatred towards this administration.”Rosie O_Donnell Reveals Why Trump Hates Her with a Passion“That is a two-way street,” Meyers pointed out, noting that Donald Trump has been targeting O’Donnell for a very long time. Perhaps most famous was the moment during the first Republican primary debate when Trump responded to Megyn Kelly’s question about his history of misogynistic statements by saying, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

“Over a decade,” O’Donnell said.

It all started back when O’Donnell was co-hosting The View. As she explained, there was a young woman who had recently been crowned “Junior Miss Trump Atlantic City Pageant Sexist Winner,” (It was Miss USA 2006, Tara Connor – BTW) as O’Donnell put it when she was “caught” by the New York Post kissing a woman at a bar downtown. Trump held a press conference and announced that he had forgiven her for her transgressions.Miss USA 2006 - Tara conners“What is he, the pimp and she’s the prostitute?” O’Donnell remembered saying at the time. “He’s the moral arbiter of 20-year-old behavior now, right?” From there, she went on to talk about how he has been “bankrupt four times, that he got all his money from his father and that he notoriously cheats private contractors out of their money.”

After she said all that on The View, Trump “went bats— crazy.”

“So, you know, as bad as everyone feels and they have felt since November 8th, I know for me, I’ve been in a severe depression,” O’Donnell told Meyers. “Although, I’d like to say, today after your show I’m going to get a Bob Mueller tattoo. Because I love him!”

When Meyers described Mueller as a “severe” man, O’Donnell said, “He looks to me like Superman. Like Captain America. Like justice has finally arrived back on our shores! And we are going to right ourselves again!”

“I will say that if Trump gets indicted, it would be really great if Mueller let you serve the papers,” Meyers replied.

O’Donnell said that when Trump first rode down that escalator to announce his campaign she was “laughing her -ss off” because she thought it “would never happen.” Even her therapist assured her that Trump could never actually win the election.


How wrong they were.

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